Women’s Safety – National Summit

Scott Morrison was the Keynote Speaker at the National Summit on Women’s Safety (held 6-7 September 2021). An odd choice. Grace Tame, Australian of the Year, found the content heavy with platitudes and old news. We need more action, less rhetoric from our elected government. We need more genuine opportunities to be given to people … Read more

Smith looked on silently as Bancroft attempted to conceal the truth

The scandal with the ball tampering by the Australian Cricket team, that has grown in volume overnight, has highlighted the surprising gap between expected values in sport and the reality.  The Australian Captain’s deliberate plan, lies and subsequent refusal to stand down marks him as a man not fit to lead a national team in … Read more

Blade Runner

Note:  I have made a few notes on the original film, inspired by the release of Blade Runner 2049.  Blade runner is based on the book by Philip K. Dick, but departs from the story in a few areas, including avoiding the book’s concern with a religious leader. There is no single version of ‘Blade Runner’, and … Read more

Star Wars Commentary: the Battle For Naboo


Episode 1: Star Wars the Battle of Naboo (a.k.a The Phantom Menace). For this review I’m just going to provide a commentary transcript. I’ve decided that this isn’t a film deserving of a Red Letter Media style expose. In fact, I think there are a few simpler explanations for the rather Disney-esque feel to this … Read more

The Trailer has Landed

Scorkle Review Teaser Yoda: Hey Luke, do not underestimate the power of Kylo Ren, or Snoke, or anyone else, not even Rey!  You are reckless, remember! LATER…. Luke: Okay, Rey let’s do some more Yoga, ’cause it may come in useful. Luke: Holy shit, this is new!  30 years on an island and I forgot … Read more

Hockey WA Grand Finals at PHS

Lots of action out at PHS today.  The UWA 2’s men and women, and UWA mens 1’s.  The Women’s 1’s final will be contested by WASPS and Vic Park!   Update: UWA Mens come from behind to take a 2-1 win – the first 1st grade mens win in 10 years.   Big celebration ahead. … Read more