Scorkle Media is run by Smokie S.Corkle, infamously good project manager, t-shirt designer, highlights video maker and general creative “make-it-happen” person who is always ready to analyse, distil and then design for simplicity.  Scorkle’s work is a result of a life spent mixing science and art, giving priority to practically useful designs that always make sense in context.   Scorkle can home-brew a mix-tape (or mix-file these days), a design for a t-shirt, a cartoon for the team or a set of fixture cards for the boys at the game.   All of this artwork is just a cover for Scorkle’s cultural analysis and theory division, which goes into overdrive when the latest sci-fi movies, social events or sporting carnivals appear in town.   Mr Scorkle is also known for his clever and accurate cricket commentary impressions, and for knowing way too much about computers.
@ScorkleMedia on Twitter.


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