Star Wars Commentary: the Battle For Naboo


Episode 1: Star Wars the Battle of Naboo (a.k.a The Phantom Menace). For this review I’m just going to provide a commentary transcript. I’ve decided that this isn’t a film deserving of a Red Letter Media style expose. In fact, I think there are a few simpler explanations for the rather Disney-esque feel to this … Read more

The Trailer has Landed

Scorkle Review Teaser Yoda: Hey Luke, do not underestimate the power of Kylo Ren, or Snoke, or anyone else, not even Rey!  You are reckless, remember! LATER…. Luke: Okay, Rey let’s do some more Yoga, ’cause it may come in useful. Luke: Holy shit, this is new!  30 years on an island and I forgot … Read more