Based in Perth, Western Australia, The Scorkle Project aims to smash the serious issues with a satirical, biting online publication, grounded in rigorous research and a team of renaissance-ready artists and coders. Its goal is to expose the often flimsy exoskeleton of the news makers in politics, sport, the environment, Australian and world affairs. It’s highly secretive and terminally funny work.

The project has gathered the talents of a ridiculously fictitional team of creative writers, investigative cartoonists, illustrators, researchers, reviewers, opinion writers and computer scientists. They can rest easy knowing that their identities are protected by an incredibly sophisticated algorithm that blends the latest in crypto-illogical algorithms with plain old scrabble words.

The team’s awards in recent months include the Covid-Mask award for Lip Reading, the Presidential Medal of Solipsism, and the Walking Award for Most Valuable Contribution to Lockdown.

Scorkle is currently vying for a place in the Patreon tree, and in the meantime is sponsored by the conservative politician’s Word Salad Dressing: a great accompaniment to all special occasions, with hints of obfuscation, deflection, insincerity, bullying and a dash of the flying fookiness.

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