Review Philosophy

Mr Scorkle’s reviews are film deconstructions for the thinking person, definitely not spoiler free, and mostly assume you have seen the film.  Sometimes that are more in the nature of a commentary than a review.  Sometimes they are far too long and sometimes you get excellent value for your reading time.  He discusses the movies ideas, characters, vision, production  and sometimes its inherently unnecessary existence.   Do not expect spoiler-free reviews aiming to give you general impressions, or talking style but no substance.   Mr Scorkle is not Roger Ebert, but is not trying to be either.

Mr Scorkle has a low threshold for suspending disbelief, and is quite happy to inquire into the film-making process, the internal logic of films, subtle visual references or perhaps interesting diversions that are simply inspired by watching the film.   Mr Scorkle thinks that the suspension of disbelief in superhero movies has set physics education back much further than Hollywood cares to admit.